For Some, Anal Is Just Better!

“Honey lay on your stomach, I want to do anal.” Jack said to his wife.

“What? No! You disgusting pig! Go somewhere else with that.” Was her reply.

After being turned away from the bedroom before finishing, Jack needed it bad. He was throbbing hard in his pants, and now his wife did not want to have anything to do with him. Jack got in his car and drove around. He did not know what to do. Then a thought formed in his head; he realized he had the number of an escort. He had the number for safe keeping just for a situation like this. After all, his wife had become less and less interested as the years passed by. So, he called her up.

“Hey, this is Shawna.”

“I need some anal now.”

“Meet me at the hotel by the flower shop, room 203.”

He sped to the familiar hotel, came right through the door, threw the money at her then tore her clothes off. He threw her on the bed with her face buried into the pillow. He put his long dick straight up inside her nice, round, perfect little ass. Instantly he felt a huge rush of pleasure running through his entire body. It was so tight and so right, and it was wrapped completely around his cock. He could feel her cheeks pressed up against his waist and her screams, my goodness those screams of pleasure gave him chills all through his body.

He starts moving back and forth nice and easy, watching her body slightly move with his. He grabs her hair and pulls her head back, riding her. He could hear her trying to muffle her screams, so loud and so amazing. The ecstasy filled up his whole body and ran through his cock, wanting to come out inside of this cute, young escort, but he was not done.

He wrapped his hands around her waist and pulled up her ass to get in deeper and harder against her. He started to get faster and harder against her as she turned around looking at him. He could barely hold back the cum any longer. She whispered “Do it daddy. Cum all in my tiny little hole.”

He could not hold it. Just five minutes of this and it felt so good he could not hold it. He let out all his cum deep inside her little ass. He screamed loud as he pushed up against her harder and harder draining it all into her. Then, falling beside her in the bed, he said “I’m free tomorrow. Let’s do it again.”

The escort smiled at him and said “Baby, with that package, I’m available anytime you need me.”

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